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 * Global function prototypes for Mathomatic.
 * Copyright (c) 1987-2005 George Gesslein II.

/* command function list */
int         clear_cmd(), quit_cmd(), list_cmd(), simplify_cmd(), help_cmd(), eliminate_cmd();
int         unfactor_cmd(), compare_cmd(), extrema_cmd();
int         read_cmd(), flist_cmd(), calculate_cmd();
int         factor_cmd(), derivative_cmd(), replace_cmd();
int         save_cmd(), print_cmd(), taylor_cmd(), limit_cmd();
int         copy_cmd(), divide_cmd(), pause_cmd(), version_cmd();
int         edit_cmd(), real_cmd(), imaginary_cmd(), tally_cmd();
int         roots_cmd(), set_cmd(), code_cmd(), optimize_cmd(), push_cmd();
int         sum_cmd(), product_cmd(), integrate_cmd(), nintegrate_cmd(), laplace_cmd();

/* various functions that don't return int */
char        *skip_space(), *skip_param();
char        *getstring();
char        *parse_equation(), *parse_section(), *parse_var(), *parse_var2();
char        *list_expression(), *list_equation();
double            gcd(), my_round(), multiply_out_unique();
long        decstrtol();

void fphandler(int sig);
void inthandler(int sig);
void alarmhandler(int sig);
void resizehandler(int sig);
void exit_program(int exit_value);

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